When found in the farmer’s field, a huge python snake, never seen such a rescue

It is Indian rock python mainly a constrictor species totally nonvenmus but very dangerous. It kills it’s pray by constriction & suffocation it has 2 rows of inner side teeth. It swallow whole it’s pray which can 3 to 4 time bigger then it’s mouth size because it’s upper and lower jaws are not connected with each other like other animals.

Python is not depend only on it’s eves it can sense heat of pray by its sensory pits, after a successful hunt it can live nearly a year without food. python normally live near a permanent water hole, through Indian sub continent.

Every living has a right to live unto death with secure. This guy has saved huge python. In this way he received blessing, What you have done is really appreciable. Very very thanks to you for uploading such tremendous video.

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