This Is How Two Harpy Eagles Nearly Destroyed an Entire Monkey Island

Philippine eagles be like: Lemme just do 10 push-ups first before I hunt this monke, tells literally everything about birds and monkeys other than the Harpy eagles on the island, Living in peace and harmony alone on an island, Let’s put 2 eagles on this island to see how our specimens react to pain, death and suffering.

If you attack, we’ll tell the whole island what happened last summer, Harpy eagles : allow us to introduce ourselves, and i took offense to that and introduced them just to see how they react, there are two classifications of apes: great apes, and lesser apes. The only species of lesser apes is the gibbon. Meaning, scientists made an entirely new classification JUST to disrespect the gibbon

Sabertooth gopher might just be the funniest thing I’ve heard this month, Pound for pound the Great Horned owl is still king. They fly in and decapitate eagles and hawks in the night if they move into their territory. True gangsters of the bird world, The bird hanging with his wings out like he did something wrong .

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